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Investor Visa for Italy – Get Italian Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries and agents for your project or services. Book a call now!     By Schengen Visa Info   The Investor Visa for Italy is a two-year, renewable visa for foreign nationals intending to make a large investment or donation in Italy.   As one of the largest economies in the world as well as a strategic pathway to the European Single Market, in recent years, Italy has taken action trying to paint itself as an attractive location for foreign investors.   One of these steps was introducing a special tax regime, which is particularly targeted towards holders...

Defending What Is Ours By Right

By: Alex Muscat   My role as a parliamentary secretary enables me to encounter many individuals daily. Recently, one individual explained to me how her daughter was able to keep abreast of online learning thanks to one, simple step: we have provided her with a tablet to continue her education and stay connected.   This tablet initiative was made possible only through funds achieved by means of foreign direct investment. We have provided laptops and tablets to children who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with the aim to give all students the same opportunity for education.   There is no...

Calls for Infringement Procedures Against Golden Visa Countries Dismissed by von der Leyen

By: Christian Henrik Nesheim   President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen has dismissed calls from Green Party MEP Sven Giegold this week to launch the same infringement procedures against golden visa jurisdictions Spain, Portugal, Greece, and others as it recently did against Malta and Cyprus over their citizenship-by-investment programs.   Giegold’s arguments adhered to the by-now-familiar refrain of IM-antagonists: “Golden visas open the door for criminals. They can easily launder their dirty money in the EU and avoid taxes,” Giegold said this week, reports The Express.     The MEP, a long-time, vocal opponent of investment migration, who is a co-founder...

Changes to the Malta Residency and Visa Programme Announced

By Kenneth Camilleri The Malta Residency Visa Agency (MRVA) today announced changes to the Malta Residency and Visa  Programme (MRVP), paving the way for a new permanent residency programme to be introduced.   Subject to Parliamentary approval next week, the MRVP will be replaced with a new programme called Malta Permanent Residence Programme and it will be governed by a new agency - Residency Malta Agency.   The current MRVP will continue to run until the end of March, following which all new applications will fall under the new regulations.   The launch of the new programme will not affect existing applications submitted...

Proposed Golden Visa Changes Will Not Take Place Until June 2021

By Sugee Portugal    The Council of Ministers approved the diploma that puts an end to gold visas in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto, as well as the entire coast of the country. The instrument only remains for the interior and autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores. The new regime will be gradual and it will not take effect before June 2021 at least.   As we all know there is a lot of uncertainty in the mind of investors for Golden Visa Portugal about the changes proposed in the budget of Feb 2020 by the Portuguese...

The Latest CBI Index Shows: Grenada CBI is in the Top 3

By Joanna Zhang Professional Wealth Management (PWM), a publication from the Financial Times, has released its latest CBI Index assessing the CBI programs of 14 countries through nine indicators including freedom of movement, due diligence, minimum investment, timeline, and so on. Grenada CBI ranked in the top three in total and became one of the most popular CBI programs. Why you should obtain Grenadian citizenship: 1) Fast relocation route to the US As the only Caribbean country to hold the coveted E-2 visa treaty with the US, Grenada citizens can apply for a non-immigrant visa to the US, meaning they can then both...