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What Are The Real Reasons Chinese Immigrate?


Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries and agents for your project or services. 




By Matthew Sumner

There will be an estimated 2 million Chinese HNW families seeking immigration solutions by 2023. This startling fact does not take into account the middle-class families who also intend to immigrate.

I guess that you immediately want to know how to sell your projects in China, right?

Well, let me first take you through how I was able to uncover this opportunity and bring this to my clients

After graduation, I moved to Xi'an, China. I chose this magical city to learn Mandarin Chinese, which was the previous capital of China some 5,000 years ago.

I’m sure you are wondering why Mandarin and Xi'an China to begin with, and I’ll share that with you at a later point.

This happened in 2006.

After a grueling two years of learning Mandarin, I moved to Shanghai and started my China career at the China Economic Review. This job gave me keen insights into the economic miracle that China was creating

It became obvious to me that Chinese investors and entrepreneurs would eventually push to expand overseas. If China were to allow its citizens and companies to invest more freely overseas, the wave capital that would pour out would be one like the world had never seen.  

This change in policy happened in 2008, and the impending opportunity was mind-blowing.

Fascinating, right?

In that same year, I met the Seychelles Investment Bureau while they were in Shanghai on a business mission to attract Chinese investment. This is what you would call a perfect storm, extraordinary coincidence, blind luck, or any other number of cliches.

Don’t see the connection? It’ll be clear in a moment.

After much research and discussions with local experts about offshore financial centers like Seychelles, I uncovered the little-known fact that much of the world’s investment flows are routed through offshore financial centers

North American and European investors had used Cayman, BVI, and the Channel Islands for decades and I was convinced the same would happen with Chinese investors. 

That's why I started China Offshore in 2010, to bring the world’s offshore financial centers’ resources to China. These resources include investment migration programs, corporate & fiduciary service providers, banking partners, and fund setup providers.

Since then we’ve been working tirelessly to create the most advanced business development platform in China for professionals in this sphere.

In this time we’ve helped over 1,000 clients connect with over 8,000 agent & intermediary firms in China.

We ease every step in the very difficult-to-navigate process. 

To give you an example of a common pitfall we see regularly:

Do you know which agents or intermediaries you can negotiate commission with, and which ones you cannot? 

Do you know which agents & intermediaries will absolutely waste your time, and which ones will not?

It’s not straightforward and you will not know when you’ve made a mistake.

Now, onto the opportunity I’m here to discuss.

Here are the main factors we’ve identified which make China the perfect hotbed for the immigration industry:

- China has the second-largest population of HNWI in the world only behind the USA

- Chinese nationals have visa-free travel to only 75 countries, compared to US nationals who have 185 territories. Their demand for freedom of travel is staggering.

- China’s inheritance laws are not clearly defined thus HNWI are not confident wealth can be safely passed to the next generation. Their fear of loss is a huge motivator.

- Chinese have a high demand for foreign education as they want the best for their children (often a single child)

If you’re reading this article it means that you are really interested in knowing more about how to access the China investment migration market. 

For that reason, I want to give you the chance to book a free consultation with me today and walk you through the whole process.

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